National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion Nehoiu

Nehoiu city administrative-territorial units, as beneficiary, signed on March 30, 2015 financing agreement for the project "National Information Centre and tourism promotion Nehoiu city" SMIS code 52825, financed by the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 Priority Axis 5 - "Sustainable development and tourism promotion", Key Area of ​​Intervention 5.3 - "Promoting tourism potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania's attractiveness as a tourist destination, "Operation -" Creating National Information Centres and Tourist Promotion (CNIPT) and their equipment "with a total value of 474,344.33 lei, the total value of 454,569.94 lei eligible in value Grant eligible European Regional Development Fund 410,794.86 lei, Grant eligible amount of the national budget and financing 34683.68 lei lei 9091.40 eligible beneficiary.

Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 is managed nationally by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, as Managing Authority and Intermediate Body for Tourism is the National Tourism Directorate for Tourism Management of Community Funds.

The overall objective is to promote Romanian tourism potential, especially the tourism potential anthropogenic city Nehoiu (heritage ecumenical, cultural, historical, traditional and recreational), both domestically and abroad, by creating a national center for tourist information and promotion ( CNIPT) Nehoiu in the city in order to increase the number of tourists.

The project aims at building a specific information center and tourism promotion in the city of Nehoiu, creating a website to promote tourism and human resources in the city and neighboring towns Nehoiu, more visible landmarks in the city of Nehoiu.

By making complex travel, original, attractive, competitive and creating an attractive image of the city Nehoiu Romanian tourism market by promoting sustainable tourism based on a variety of forms of tourism.

The immediate results of the project are:

- Building and equipping a national information center and tourism promotion in the city of Nehoiu and

- the creation of two new jobs.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are represented Romanian and foreign tourists, who through the national information centers Tourism Promotion will receive real information about local tourist attractions, regional and national, cultural and business online and available to tourists promotional materials, tour operators,

Offering holiday packages professional and affordable for inclusion in their catalogs, business people in transit or business interests in the area that will benefit from local supply of accommodation - opportunities for leisure or any leisure facilities and Nehoiu City Council, which will be under his authority a modern information and tourism promotion.

The indirect beneficiaries of the project are represented attraction owners, owners of hotels, guesthouses and chalets, restaurants, and neighboring administrative units Nehoiu city's population by increasing local income.

Implementation period: 9 months (31.03.2015 - 12.30.2015).